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About the journal

Podjetje in delo is the leading Slovenian academic and professional journal for the field of commercial law. It was first published in 1975 as Združeno delo, gaining its current name, Podjetje in delo, revija za gospodarsko, delovno in socialno pravo (Company and Labour – A Journal for Commercial, Labour and Social Law) in 1990. Over the decades the journal has carefully tracked the development of the legal profession, and apprised readers of new developments and currents in contemporary legal science.

In terms of content, it is an academic journal that publishes contributions from recognised commercial and labour law experts. The articles deal with domestic and international issues of company law, contract law, labour law and labour-related social security. Part of the journal is set aside for specialist articles and discussions, and to articles from judicial and business practice in the field of commercial law, with the aim of fostering the widest possible discussion of current legal issues and resolving law-related issues. The typology of documents and work for the maintenance of bibliographies within the COBISS system (http://cobiss.izum.si/ -> Personal bibliographies) is adhered to when determining which category an article should be placed in.

The journal was established by Maribor Institute of Commercial Law, the Institute of Labour Law at the Faculty of Law (University of Ljubljana), the Association of Commercial Law Societies and the GV Založba publishing house. The two institutes are responsible for the journal’s scientific basis and the association primarily for ensuring that it is adequately connected to legal practice. The editorial board is a distinguished one and comprises representatives of all the founders, as well as a number of scientists and established academics from universities across Europe and the United States. The editor-in-chief is Dr Marijan Kocbek, full professor and chair of the commercial law department at the Faculty of Law, University of Maribor.

Eight editions of the journal appear every year: four single issues (1, 2, 5, 8) and two double issues (3-4, 6-7). The journal publishes articles in Slovenian and English and, occasionally, in German and Croatian. All articles are subject to a double-blind peer review and language correction process, use the appropriate methodological approach, and contain a bibliography. The abstracts and key words of all articles are also translated into English. The eighth edition of the journal also contains subject and name indexes, and an overview of the authors and their articles through the calendar year in question. The journal is published by Lexpera (GV Založba).

Podjetje in delo/Company and Labour is indexed and the articles summarised in the IBZ (Internationale Bibliographie der geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenliteratur) and WPSA (Worldwide Political Science Abstracts) databases.